Our 3 Core Principles

We follow three core principles: Safety, Reasonable Return**, and Simplicity. Every person has different requirements and financial circumstances. To learn what retirement options are right for you, please get in touch with us.
Retirement Strategies For A

Reasonable Rate of Return

To succeed in retirement, you need solid retirement strategies. We operate according to three key guiding principles: Safety, Reasonable Return**, and Simplicity. Let us help you retire with confidence.

We follow 3 fundamental principles:

Safety First

Ensure your assets are protected

Reasonable Rate of Return** (RRR)

Earn a reasonable return

Keeping Things Simple

Retirement strategies don’t have to be complicated.

Safety Comes First

Protecting your principal is a priority for us. Your retirement income should last for the rest of your life.

There are several options for developing retirement strategies. You are more likely to contribute more money to the market early in your career. You can afford to take on more risks since you are not dependent on your retirement income. Therefore, you might choose to purchase and hold your earnings for retirement income.

Stock markets fluctuate. If your account value drops while you are working, you may still be able to recover your losses before retiring. However, once you reach retirement age, you have less time to make up for your losses. This may lead you to consider less risky options. As you get closer to retirement, protecting your assets becomes more important.

Our goal is to protect the principal of our members against market fluctuations. Our aim is for our members to understand all their options to choose what is optimal for their specific needs.

Reasonable Rate of Return** (RRR)

In addition to preserving your money, you also want to make a reasonable return**.

Typical financial products often don’t provide retirees with sufficient retirement income. While your money is secure, it may not cover all of your expenses. Retirement income strategies like this may not meet the needs of most members. 

Legacy Group Planning provides members with protection as well as a reasonable return** (RRR). With our strategies, members see a rise in interest when indexes rise. However, if the market falls, they do not lose money. 

With the right strategy, you can achieve a reasonable return rate** (RRR). With FIAs, for instance, you can earn indexed interest while maintaining security. Even though interest rates fluctuate, FIAs provide rates of 3 to 6% over the long term. Our retirement strategies offer both safe money options and a reasonable rate of return over time. 

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Keeping Things Simple

Retirement income strategies don’t need to be complicated.

If you’re trying to preserve your finances and handle the fluctuating market, how do you comfortably retire? Planning for retirement can be straightforward with the right strategy.

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