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Discover the benefits of protection and simplicity as Legacy Group Planning works to secure your retirement future.
What We Do

How to Plan For Retirement

Legacy Group Planning shows members how to plan for retirement and preserve their financial security during retirement. We create retirement strategies as simple and straightforward as possible for our members. Also, we offer products that suit the needs of our members and not our brand.

We use 3 fundamental principles:

Safety First
Achieve a Reasonable Rate of Return**
Keep It Simple
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Our Core Principles

About Legacy Group Planning 

We assist our members in attaining their financial goals in the long run. And, our team goes above and beyond to protect what our members and loved ones have worked a lifetime to build. Loyalty to our members comes first.

Safety First

A retiree's primary concern is having a sustainable retirement income. Therefore, your principal needs to be protected. An effective retirement strategy can prevent financial losses. We can help you choose the right retirement strategy.

Achieve A
Reasonable Return

By choosing the right strategy, we can achieve a reasonable rate of return** (RRR). As an example, a fixed index annuity or life insurance policy offers both principal protection and a reasonable return*. 

Keep It Simple

Planning for retirement shouldn't be complicated. We develop custom strategies to protect your money and provide reasonable returns. 

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Keys on How to Plan for Retirement

It is our goal to help you achieve retirement goals that will last a lifetime and to protect it. Legacy Group Planning can guide you on how to plan for retirement successfully. Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your specific goals and needs.

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