We often think of retirement communities as providing us only with housing and perhaps a few amenities. This past week I came across one that offered out an analysis on Annuities. The reason being that many seniors who have retired are looking for income they can’t out live, and that is one feature of a Fixed Indexed Annuity. “In today’s volatile climate, investments seem to be wading in uncertain waters. Even one-time solid choices like blue-chip stocks are swimming in rough seas. Because of this, investors sometimes examine a myriad of possibilities to secure or help their money grow.” While the market may go up and down, what does seem to be a certainty is a retirees desire to know, and to know for sure, that they have enough money coming in. Call us if you’d like to discuss some options that may help get you to a point of enjoying the days to come and not worrying. We’re always here to help.

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