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Kim Jeffrey Allen

Founding Partner

In 2008, Kim Allen, along with Scott Allen and Tim Smith, formed Legacy Group Planning with the mission of helping members plan their financial futures with as little confusion as possible.  They joined forces to create an organization to offer financial and insurance products based on the needs of members instead of promoting a brand. 

The economic collapse of 2008 inspired Kim Allen to enter the financial industry. He believes his purpose in life is to be of service to others, and he knew his experience and entrepreneurship could make a difference. Knowing that he could help preserve what people have worked a lifetime to build allows him to sleep at night. 

Kim Allen has always been self-employed and has a diverse professional background. He founded his first company in 1994. He has also assisted many businesses and individuals with financial matters for decades. And, over the years, he has been involved in agriculture, power generation, outdoor power equipment, and industrial tool industries.  

Kim Allen attended BYU Idaho where he met my wife, Jenny, whom he married in 1993. His major was business management. He also enjoys “the simple life”. He grew up in Delta, Ohio on a farm where his family owned a livestock yard. To this day, he still lives in Delta, out in the country next to a farm field. 

When Kim Allen is not helping members, he enjoys spending time with his family. He and his wife are proud parents of three children – a son and two daughters. Everything they do revolves around their family. Although he has achieved many awards and accolades, his greatest achievement is his wife and children. They also have a standard poodle named “Sig”, and a cat who primarily catches mice on the farm.

Kim Allen leads a very active life. He enjoys off-roading in their Jeeps! They belong to Glass City Crawlers and travel the country in search of new places to “wheel” their jeeps. Also, he enjoys shooting sports and collecting firearms. In addition, he is a “ham” radio operator and gives back to the community through his involvement with the local amateur radio club. Throughout his life, he has served as a minister to youth and adults in his church. Also, during high school and college, he spent two years in Argentina, ministering to the wonderful people there. 

Kim Allen is described as loyal, friendly, and knowledgeable by those who know him. He stands up for what is right. And, he loves his family, God, and country.

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Tim Smith

Founding Partner
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Scott Allen

Founding Partner
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Terra Meeker

Account Specialist
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Robyn Miller

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Jenny Allen 

Marketing Director

Jenny Allen joined Legacy Group Planning in 2020. In her role as Marketing Director, she is responsible for creating public and client programs that educate Legacy Group Agents about the importance of protecting retirement money, obtaining a reasonable rate of return**, and keeping retirement simple.

Jenny enjoys developing programs to educate its members and the public about the financial products that help protect their money from market declines. Legacy Group Planning refers to its clients as members because they consider them part of the Legacy Group Planning family.  They are delighted when their members attend seminars or participate in many of the activities the company offers, such as seeing a movie or ordering Thanksgiving pie.

She holds a Bachelor of Science Business degree in Marketing Management. In the 28 years that she and her husband Kim Allen have been married, they’ve always owned their own business. To be successful, they worked hard and learned along the way. Jenny recognized she had more to offer Legacy Group Planning and looks forward to helping the business grow while still making every member feel valued. 

When Jenny isn’t working with clients, she enjoys going off-roading in her jeep, Brutus, and has pictures to prove it! In her free time, she enjoys watching TikTok videos.

Jenny hopes that those who know her describe her as empathetic and kind, yet direct. For more than 20 years, she was involved with the Boy Scouts of America, now known as Scouts BSA. Additionally, she often volunteers at her church where she is needed.

Her husband and she have been married for almost 29 years!  They have three beautiful children. Most of them are adults who no longer live with them. The youngest is their long-term care plan.  They also have a Standard Poodle, named Sig (the really big kind). His coat is red and he is a complete goofball. In addition, they have a cat named Thunder who does nothing to entertain or earn his keep. 

Evan Allen

Safe Money Specialist

Evan Allen joined Legacy Group Planning in 2014 as a specialist in protecting clients’ retirement money. He grew up in the business that founders, Kim, Scott, and Tim started, and it was always something he wanted to do.  

He enjoys helping members keep their hard-earned money safe every day. Evan loves building relationships with members, which makes working with them an enjoyable experience. He believes Legacy Group differentiates itself by having a down-to-earth team and keeping retirement simple for clients. Listening to clients helps him better understand their members’ needs. 

Those who work with Evan say he has good ideas and can create useful spreadsheets.  His colleagues might also say that he is frugal and likes to crack jokes too much. He is also an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America.

When Evan is not helping retirees, he enjoys spending time with his wife Samantha whom he affectionately calls Sammie, and two sons Vincent and Desmond. Additionally, he enjoys reading books and watching football and basketball. He also owns a boa constrictor snake who really likes to hug people.

Rudi Bogner

Marketing Specialist

Rudi Bogner joined Legacy Group Planning in 2015 and has worn many hats, from front desk receptionist to marketing director. After giving birth to her first child in 2020, she has moved to a part-time position as a Marketing Specialist.

Rudi believes what makes Legacy Group Planning different from other financial agents is that they are very family-oriented. They refer to clients as members because they are a part of our Legacy Group Planning family. She loves the amazing members of Legacy Group Planning!

She married her now-husband, Wes, in March 2019. In 2020, they had a son named Drew. They also have 2 children, Peyton and Logan from her husband’s previous marriage.  They love their children!

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